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Sunday, November 26, 2006

World's biggest LCD TV

In South Korea LG-Philips' 100-inch TFT LCD TV is displayed.
The TV has overtaken Samsung's 82-inch LCD TV that
was launched in 2005.

I think LCD TV's are great! I acually have a Medion
LCD tv which I use as a computer monitor.
The screen is so clear and wide. I love it!

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Ultimate Body Applicator

Ultimate Body Applicator really does work! I have used it a few times already and I have lost some weight and my stomach is allot thinner now!

Ultimate Body Applicator is a wrap that has gel on it. You put it on your target areas where you want to shrink your fat and you keep it on for 45 minutes or overnight. You can't keep the face wrap on overnight.

If you want to see some awesome photos and learn more...

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