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Saturday, November 25, 2006

Flying Car by Mazda

The flying MX5ly by Mazda is Claimed to be the first true flying car. The MX5ly has undergone extensive tests in Japan and is set to wow European motor shows and airports early in 2006.

The Airoflight function rotates the dashboard like a tombola drum to reveal the flight desk controls - including on board radio systems which link automatically to the nearest air traffic control tower.

Perfect weight distribution keeps you composed over bumps and smooth round corners and that high pitched engine wail lets the world know you are coming.

In keeping with the dual roles of the car, Mazda engineers have adapted the airbags to function as emergency parachutes.

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Sticker Graphics

Sticker Mania is back again and even better!
For all the wonderful fans of the much loved all you
need is sticker graphics comes this awesome new collection
of totally cool designs in sticky art.

Put them on Skateboards,suitcases,guitars,
cars,stationery,helmets and more! Stickers have
always been the sibling to graffiti. This package comes in 4
different colors:Orange, Green, White and Pink.

I have always enjoyed stickers myself and I
think these are really Great!

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