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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Rife & His Machines

Royal Raymond Rife was an inventor.
He worked in his own laboratory and built his
first microscope in 1921. He patented a high-
intensity lamp (Patent #1727618)
for microscope use in 1929 after much
research and work on
microscope optics & light

Rife discovered by using tests on
B. coli (bacillus coli), that if
they were exposed to radio-frequency
energy at certain frequencies
that they would die. He tested on other
samples of B. Coli later on
and got the same results with the
same frequencies.

Rife built many different machines and
microscopes that worked very well and helped
allot of people get healthier and well again.
A short exposure once every three days was the
treatment method which seemed to work best, and
there are many letters from MDs and patients who
had used Rife's "Ray Machine". There also was a
clinic in Pasadena that would treat twenty to twenty
two people per. session and had excellent results.

Today there are many different kinds of
Rife Machines sold on

the internet. You would have to do
your research to find

the best ones out there!

There are people these days that
still use the Rife Machine

and get cured. And there are people
that lie about the Rife

machine and say bad things
about it.

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