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Monday, November 27, 2006

MP3 Pillow

Do you Love music? If you do...you might really enjoy these pillows. These pillows are shaped like a popular music player and they are soft and durable. Hidden in these pillows is an unusual feature...it can play music!

You can plug in your portable music player in the hidden pocket and enjoy listening to your tunes come from the pillowy speakers or you can listen to the FM radio that is built inside too.

The buttons on the pillows also work. You can change the volume with them,scan stations, switch to the radio and press the power button to shut it all down when you want to go to sleep.

The MP3 Pillow is nice and fuzzy on the front and an awesome shiny silver color on the back.
AA batteries are required and you can spot clean it since it's an electronic. It's 100% polyester so it resists stains. How cool is that?

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