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Friday, November 24, 2006

Aaron Russo's Movie called "America: Freedom to Facism"

I was surfing the Internet and I saw a link to this website..Aaron Russo: Hollywood Movie Producer.

This site advertises a new movie that is making the rounds in the theaters across America.
It's a Documentary on Income Taxes.

This sounds really probably boring to you! But I was curious after seeing this site to see the Movie.

It might not be in your Area but you can watch it on pay per.view this month for only $5 or you can watch it on google video for free with a DSL or Broadband Connection.

You can't download the movie from google video because their trying to raise money to distribute it in more Theaters.

I don't want to spoil this Movie like telling too much of what its about. But...if you can stand to stomach it..the contents of this Movie and watch it from beginning to end..you will probably feel
that this is the Scariest Movie that you could "ever" watch. It's worse than any horror film or combined horror films or horrorfests that you could ever attend for scare thrill.

This movie will undoubtfully give you nightmares for years to come. It is just that scary what is in this Movie. It will for ever change your mind on your beliefs of what is really going on today in our World.

This Movie has been rated a Perfect 4 Star rating in all reviews! I highly recommend this Movie because it is real and what's in the Movie effects your life,your families and the future of our Nation and World. I can't decribe it any better than this!

Here is the video link to the Google Video

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